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A simpler way to drive

Having a car can be complicated. We have made it simple. And you can manage everything in the :Dribe app.

A simpler way to drive

With :Dribe, it has become easier to have a car. Say goodbye to the worries of ownership or leasing – and say hello to the benefits of a car subscription.

Everything included

Fuel is the only thing you also have to pay for. We've taken care of everything else.

Everything included

No down payment. No hidden fees. No additional surcharges. Everything is included. The price you see in the :Dribe App, is the price you pay. Full transparency and more benefits – all at a fixed monthly price.

30 days binding period

Needs can change quickly. That's why you can change cars or cancel your subscription after just 30 days, without any additional charges.

30 days binding period

You don't have to commit to something as big as a car. With :Dribe you are only committed for the first 30 days of use. From then on, you only pay for your car when you need it.

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The :Dribe app gives you full control

  • Customize your monthly subscription
  • Adjust your kilometers from month to month
  • Choose the car that fits your needs
  • Book, Pick up and Drop off in the :Dribe App

... and much more

Take full control of your subscription with the :Dribe App. It is easy and quick to get started and you can continuously adjust your needs.

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