Your flexible company car solution

Minimize costs and vehicle downtime while taking control over your own flexible car fleet. With only 30-day commitments, you can continuously customize your fleet to meet both business and employee needs - all through our fully digital and user-friendly portal and app.

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A simpler way to have a company car

The :Dribe Portal gives you a quick overview of your entire fleet. With only a 30 days commitment on the cars, you get a flexible and cost-effective solution for both company and employee.

Try the Dribe Portal for easy and accessible fleet management

Get the full overview in the Business Portal

  • Quick user management
  • Find detailed information on each company vehicle
  • Update your vehicle policy continously in line with strategic objectives
  • Create and manage vehicle categories for groups of employees
  • The portal gives you a full overview of employees, company cars and relevant fleet information
Manage your car directly in the app

The employee's personal garage

  • All vehicle information in your pocket at all times
  • Overall overview of consumption in the app
  • Employees manage their own subscription in the app
  • 100% digital booking, pick up and drop off
  • Tailored garage based company car policy

End-to-end solution for the benefit of both employees and company

Designed for every aspect of you and your team's mobility needs.

Increased employee satisfaction

  • Employees own personal garage

  • All necessary information in your pocket at all times

  • Great flexibility and the option to change cars up to every 30 days

Empower your employees with the Dribe App

Employees have complete control over their subscriptions with access to a streamlined, digital booking, pick-up, and drop-off process. This allows for easy management anytime, anywhere.

Simple and digital fleet management

  • Individual and digitally formed car policy

  • Plug and play-administration

  • Continuous alignment with strategic goals

  • Self-managing employees

Full fleet and strategy alignment

With the Dribe Business portal, you can customize vehicle categories to align with your strategic objectives. Interested in transitioning to electric? You set the parameters for your fleet to match your goals.

Minimized administration and costs

  • Down to 30 day commitment

  • Minimize fleet downtime and expenses

  • Reduce fleet administration

Benefits both company and employee

The short binding period minimizes downtime across your entire fleet. Meanwhile, the Business portal and :Dribe app reduces administrative time for both company and employee, reducing related administrative costs.

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