5 reasons why :Dribe should be your next company car solution

Fleet Management 18 Jun 2024

Continous flexibility, simplified fleet management and employee empowerment. Here's why you should get started.

There are MANY good reasons to start your journey with :Dribe as your provider of company vehicles - below, we've collected five to get us started.

1. Tailor-Made Flexibility for Your Business Fleet

:Dribe offers a tailor-made and flexible mobility solution, perfect for businesses seeking a simpler way to manage a fleet of company cars. You continously have the option to adapt the amount of users, active vehicles as well as your car policy - all digitally through our Business portal.

2. Streamlined Fleet Management

With :Dribe, you can minimize expenses while maintaining complete control over your fleet. The :Dribe portal offers fleet managers comprehensive access to manage the fleet as a whole, including all crucial details. By managing all company vehicles through our portal, you have a full overview of your entire fleet, empowering you to tailor both the fleet itself and individual vehicle categories to meet the specific needs of your business and employees.

3. Cost-Effective Flexibility

With only a 30-day commitment per vehicle, :Dribe's approach is both cost-effective and adaptable for you and your employees. This flexibility means easy adjustments to your fleet as your staffing needs change. While minizing administration costs, you also avoid downtime on vehicles that would typically be bound for 12, 24 or even 36 months - if an employee no longer needs a company car, you simply return it after the short binding period of only 1 or 6 months. If a vehicle becomes surplus to requirements, it’s simple to swap it out, cancel its subscription, or return it to us, avoiding any unnecessary costs.

4. Innotivative fleet of new vehicles

Refresh requirements for your company fleet as you go, keeping your employees options up to date with company policy. This allows you to efficiently manage your fleet and adapt vehicles according to evolving needs or strategic objectives, while your employees enjoy the freedom to choose vehicles from your predefined fleet, that are perfectly suited to their preferences and total cost of ownership (TCO) requirements.

5. Empowering Employees with Digital Control

Employees have control over their subscriptions, benefiting from a streamlined, digital process for booking, picking up, and dropping off vehicles. This enables easy management from anywhere, at any time.

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