My car has been damaged

Which damages are acceptable and which are not?

Below you can find which damages are considered acceptable (wear and tear from normal use) and which are unacceptable. Unacceptable damages caused during the rental are charged to the respective driver with a maximum coverage amount of the gross insurance waiver.

The overview of the two categories is shown below



Not Acceptable

Isolated and superficial paint scratches up to 2.5 cm.

Stone chips in the paint over 0.5 cm in length or if the stone chip is combined with a dent.

Dents up to 2 cm in diameter.

Dents with paint damage and/or scratches. The shape of the dent should be soft and not pointed or deeply V-shaped. Dimples with a pointed or sharp edge on their outline.

Damage to wheel, wheel flange and alloy up to 1cm long.

Damage to wheel , wheel flange and alloy greater than 1cm.



Not acceptable

Upholsteries (leather and fabric) that are intact.

Upholstery (both leather and fabric) that is not intact.

Interior lining and instrumentation that is intact.

Interior lining and instrumentation that is not intact.

Other parts of the vehicle


Not acceptable

External accessories/loose car equipment (including jack), that is intact upon return.

External accessories/car equipment that is not intact upon return.

Correctly filled fuel according to the car's specifications.

Incorrectly filled fuel according to the car's specifications.

General checklist

All damages must be reported to the insurance company and :Dribe. The vehicle must be returned with everything you received when you picked it up, including license plate frames, charging cables, etc. The car must be cleaned inside and out and have a full tank on return/delivery.

What does my insurance cover?

Your vehicle insurance includes comprehensive and liability insurance, but you yourself are responsible for damages up to the deductible amount.