How do I become a B2B customer?

How do I get started with :Dribe?

Getting a solution with :Dribe is a simple process, that can be described in four simple steps.

  1. You fill out our contact form here. We'll be in touch soon to discuss opportunities and ensuring that :Dribe is the best solution for you. After signed an agreement with :Dribe you have not committed to any specific cars.

  2. After the agreement is done, you will be added to our business portal.

  3. From here you can start defining your car policy by creating vehicles and adding employees. See a demo of our portal here.

  4. Employees will be notified once create in the business portal, and from here they can download the app, register, book their next vehicle and pick it up. Everything is managed through the app and the employee is in full control over their own company car.

Are you interested in learning more about our solutions? We'd love to discuss how our solution fits your situation and help you getting started with :Dribe. Please start by filling out our contact form here. We'll get in touch soon to better understand your needs and discuss potential opportunities.