What documents do you need to present to authorities when abroad?

Rental Agreement

It is NOT a requirement to present the rental agreement from :Dribe in a language other than Danish.

Green Card

The green card is proof that your car has liability insurance. However, in most countries, you no longer need it, and your registration number will be sufficient. This applies to the entire EU, as well as Norway, Iceland, Switzerland, Croatia, and Andorra.

If, for instance, a police officer in the EU insists on seeing the green card or if you are otherwise in a difficult situation, SOS can assist you. Call +45 70 10 50 52. The green card can be requested from Codan at codan@codan.dk or by calling +45 78 76 35 35.

Learn more about the green card here.

Certificate of registration

It is not a requirement to have the certificate of registration in the car when driving abroad.