Important numbers if an accident occurs

Find all details and contact information for what to do and whom to contact if your car is damaged.


Contact Allianz to record the incident.

If a replacement vehicle is required, please call us at:


Stone Chips

If your vehicle needs roadside assistance, call:


When you contact us, please have the following ready:

  1. Your contact details

  2. Vehicle registration number

  3. Police case number, if any

If there is a counterparty, please have the following ready:

  1. Counterparty information

  2. Registration number of the policyholder's car

  3. Information about any witnesses

The mobility service will try to assist you immediately. If the car cannot be repaired on-site, you will often have the option to receive a free loaner car for a limited period - please consult the mobility service or Customer Care about this option.