What is my responsibility with a Company Ride?

You are responsible for ensuring that your Company Ride adheres to its scheduled service intervals. The vehicle's dashboard will notify you when it is due for service. When the time comes for service, simply contact the nearest authorized dealer or workshop for the respective brand. Remember, the service must be performed at an authorized workshop to maintain compliance and ensure your vehicle remains in optimal condition.

If the vehicle requires oil or coolant, it is also your responsibility to top up these fluids. Please note that if motor damage occurs due to the use of incorrect oil or coolant, :Dribe's insurance will not cover the damage.

In the event that your Ride is damaged, you must immediately call your insurance immidiately to report the incident. Find details on insurance here. They will assist you and direct you to the nearest workshop.

For your own safety, it's advisable to regularly check that the tire pressure is correct. This simple measure can help ensure your safety on the road.