Before you become a Driber

What is the benefits of being a Driber?

With :Dribe you can change your mind as much as you like

At :Dribe, you are not bound to have a particular car forever. With a commitment of just 30 days, you could theoretically choose a new car every month. You can also return your car when you go on holiday so you don't have to pay for it when you're not using it.

8 clear advantages of :Dribe's car subscription.

Everything is included except fuel and electricity.

With :Dribe there are no unexpected expenses. We have included everything except fuel and electricity.

A simpler way to drive

With :Dribe, it has become easier to have a car. Say goodbye to the worries of ownership or leasing – and say hello to the benefits of a car subscription.

No long-term commitments

Change cars whenever you want. With :Dribe, you're only tied to the same car for 30 days.

No down payment and depreciation

With :Dribe, you avoid expensive down payments and are protected against depreciation.

Cars with high level of equipment

All our cars come with an equipment package beyond the ordinary.

You only drive in new cars

We regularly replace our cars, so you're ensured new and safe cars.

Special cars for special occasions

s long as you are a :Dribe subscriber, you have access to the available fleet, from mini-buses to bicycles, so that you can meet your needs all year round.

Everything in the :Dribe app

Take full control of your subscription with the :Dribe app. It is easy and quick to get started, and you can continuously adjust your needs.