Before you become a Driber

What is included in the price?

Most of it – except for consumables.

Despite that, sometimes there can be doubts about what's included – so let us explain it a bit further.


Gross insurance is included with a €500 exemption. This means that in case of damage at your own risk, as long as the total repair cost is €1,200, you cover €500 and the insurance covers the remaining amount. If you are under 21 years old, you will automatically be charged the new driver's insurance (€40 per month) in the rental price.

Roadside assistance

Roadside assistance is included in your subscription. If your vehicle needs to be taken to a workshop or to a roadside assistance workshop of the corresponding car brand and it takes more than 24 hours from the time you contacted roadside assistance until the car is ready to drive, you can request a free car to replace. You receive the car to be replaced the next working day. You can find contact details and what roadside assistance covers for each car brand here.

Kilometer package

You always get 1,000 km included in your subscription per month. You can choose the kilometer package that best suits your needs when you order your Ride. When you pick up the car, we automatically read the odometer. For every 30 days you drive, you get your chosen kilometer package. Settlement always takes place upon return. Example: If you have chosen a kilometer package of 1,000 km and return your car after 90 days, you have earned a total of 3,000 km (3 x 1,000 km). When you return the car, we compare the odometer reading at pick up and drop off. If you have driven 3,500 km during that period, you will be charged for the 500 km exceeded at the specified kilometer rate for the respective Ride. Unused kilometers are not transferred from Ride to Ride. So, if you had driven 2,500 km in the above example, you will not have the last 500 km transferred to your next Ride.