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Fair Wear and Tear

Fair Wear and Tear Guide

Requirements for the Car's Condition upon Return

Here is an overview of our expectations regarding the car's condition when you return it at Drop Off. To provide you with the best possible overview, we have divided the car's condition and damages into two categories: 'Acceptable' and 'Not Acceptable.' Repairs of damages in the 'Not Acceptable' category will be invoiced to you as the user, according to the applicable deductible or price list.

The overview of the two categories is as follows:



Not acceptable

Stone chips in the paint up to 0.5 cm in size, which can be removed with mechanical polishing.

Stone chips in the paint that are over 0.5 cm in length, or if the stone chip is combined with a dent.

Single and superficial scratches on the paint up to 2.5 cm.

Excluded are scratches that have gone through the paint, can be felt with a fingernail, and/or have a different color than the car's paintwork.

Excluded are dents with associated paint damage and/or scratches. The dent's shape must be soft and not pointed or V-shaped in depth. Also excluded are dents with a sharp or pointed edge on the outline of the dent.

Dents up to 2 cm in diameter.

Damage to wheel rims, wheel edges, and alloys up to 1 cm long and 0.5 cm wide is accepted.

Damage to wheel rims, wheel edges, and alloys that are longer than 1 cm and wider than 0.5 cm is not accepted.

Tires without any damages

Tires with damages

Undamaged glass

Damaged glass.**

* Up to 3 damages in the "Acceptable"/fair wear and tear category are accepted. If the number of damages in the fair wear and tear category exceeds 3, the cheapest ones will be accepted without charge, and the rest will be billed according to the price list.

** There is a deductible for repairing stone chips, unless the windshield needs to be replaced. If the windshield needs replacement, there is a deductible of €500.The repair technician will determine whether the windshield can be repaired or needs replacement upon inspection of the damage.



Not acceptable

Intact upholstery (both leather and fabric).

Intact upholstery (both leather and fabric).

Intact interior trim and instrumentation.

Intact interior trim and instrumentation.

Other parts of the car.


Not acceptable

External accessories/loose car equipment (including jack) that are intact upon return.

External accessories/car equipment that are not intact upon return.

Correctly filled with fuel according to the car's specifications.

Incorrectly filled with fuel according to the car's specifications.

General to-do list

•       All damages must be reported toKosmocar’σ (Dribe[1] insurance company.

•       The car must be returned with everything you received when you took over, including license plate frames, charging cables, etc.

•       The car must be cleaned both inside and outside and have a full tank of fuel upon return/drop off.