Terms and conditions

Terms for automatic payment 

Terms for automatic card payment

1.     General

1.1   These terms for automatic payment apply in addition to Dribe terms of use, general rental terms, rental agreements, price lists, etc. for your Dribe user account and rental of vehicles. Definitions and terms shall be understood in the same way as in the rental agreement and the general rental terms.

1.2   By utilizing our Services and entering into a Rental Agreement with Dribe, you expressly acknowledge and consent to the binding nature of these Terms and grant Dribe the authority to utilize your payment card information for the purpose of conducting automatic deductions in accordance with the provisions outlined herein.

1.3   Dribe is entitled to change these terms with one month's notice. Changes will be notified in accordance with the terms of use.

2.     Automatic payment of ”Everyday Ride” rental agreements

2.1   When you have entered into an agreement to rent a vehicle of the category 'Everyday Ride’, payment for the first rental period will be deducted from your payment card at the pickup time specified in the rental agreement. Payment for subsequent rental periods will then be automatically deducted from your payment card every 30 days until the rental agreement is terminated in accordance with the rental terms. The payment is pre-authorized on your credit card 4 days before the payment date. 3.     Automatic payment for other amounts

3.1   In case Dribe assert claims against you in connection with your rental and use of a vehicle (e.g., damages to the vehicle, lack of cleaning/refueling, parking fines, speeding tickets, etc.), payment for these will automatically be deducted from your payment card. The same applies to other claims that Dribe may have against you in connection with the contractual relationship (e.g., administrative fees, reminder fees, and other fees according to the current price list).

4. Rejection, objection, and revocation of consent

4.1   You may at any time withdraw your consent for Dribe to use your payment card information. The withdrawal of consent can be done via the Dribe Application or by contacting info@dribe.gr. If you withdraw your consent for Dribe to use your payment card information, it is equivalent to terminating your Dribe user profile and any rental agreements. However, you are still obligated to ensure timely payment of any amounts due under the agreed-upon contracts. 4.2   If you wish to reject or have objections to a payment, you can do so by contacting info@dribe.gr. Furthermore, you have the option to dispute a completed payment by contacting your bank.

5. Updating and storage of Information

5.1 It is your responsibility to keep your payment card information updated in case of expiration, cancellation, loss, or similar circumstances. You can update your payment card information in the Dribe application.

5.2. The payment card information will be registered and securely stored with a third party approved by international security standards.